The world is a great book, and none study this book so much as a traveler. They that never stir from their home read only one page of this book

36 Countries and counting…

It has been on rare occasions that I’ve met people who do not enjoy – or rather do not ponder the thought of – traveling. Thankfully, I am not one of those people. Never have been. Never will be. For the rest of us, who dream of distant lands and far away flavors, I want to see the world and most importantly, write about it. These are my subjective experiences, of course, but they may be the same you have had or have yet to have. Through reading another person’s thoughts, we are not only looking into their lives, but we are sharing it, whether it’s a meal, a joke, a bad day, a good day, a dream.

Everyone should write.

2 thoughts on “Travel

  1. Hi Jen, Just got back from the library and am loaded down with books on Paris and Barcelona! We are thinking we might go to Paris first and then take the train to Figueres and see how Dali lived! And then take a bus to Barcelona. We are so excited. Take pictures of your school and tell us how the food is. We are anxious to hear of your adventures. We think of you often! Much love, Marlynn

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